Tarantino Gira Mundo Double IPA

Gira Mundo is a collab with Cervejaria Tarantino, from São Paulo. The idea came from Gilberto Tarantino, who’s a cycling addict as well, to celebrate the start of the World Beer Cycling Tour by brewing a Double IPA together. As I was in Brazil, I just had to cycle from Belo Horizonte to Ipeúna (SP), 700 km in 4 days, to meet him at Brewcenter and brew the first batch. It was a good chance to test the legs for Norway, as Minas Gerais is one of the toughest places to cycle.

Gira Mundo features all the aroma from Simcoe and Mosaic YCH CryoHop powder on the dry-hopping, thanks to suppliers Realli Insumos.

Tour de Hobo - AF Brew feat. Tiago the Pedlar

Brewed in St Petersburg, Russia with AF Brew, it's a lemony beast encaged in a 4% abv Session IPA. Lemondrop, Mosaic and Citra hops are backed by lemon juice and zest to give it the citrusy punch.

The story as told by AF Brew: 

"Three weeks ago an interesting person came to us to Petersburg. Two hot letters of recommendation, one from Gothenburg, the second from Rome, flied in front of his visit, and when the guest suddenly called the brewery door, we were already a little familiar with his professional portfolio and philosophy of life. The native land is Brazil, the profession is a brewer, the last place of work is London's Beavertown. Six months ago, Tiago Falcone decided to become a real citizen of the world, saddled a bicycle, loaded with a 45-kilogram bag with the most necessary, and went on an endless journey around the world. Starting in June from the south-west of Norway, Thiago has already passed about 3000 km, having set as a rule - to travel a day at least 120 km, spend the night in a tent, in hostels or with friends, and, if possible, get acquainted with new breweries and brew with them. In the winter months, he plans to settle at a brewery at a country where winter will catch him, and with the onset of spring to start again. He called his project 'Pedlar', it has a little from the heroes of O'Henry, life-loving adventurers who do not stay long on one place.

Tiago's bicycle is called HoBootleg, which is an acronym for the words Hobo and Bootleg. We are interested in the first part of the name - in fact, Tiago is a modern 'hobo', because sometime during the Great Depression in the States, it was exactly the name of vagabonds who traveled the country on foot and on freight trains in search of temporary work and a better share. We went into the history of the matter and found out that the "hobo" had its own secret language-icons that others could not understand, which they left with chalk or charcoal in certain places, signaling their colleagues about the pleasant and unpleasant surprises waiting in advance. We compiled a whole dictionary of this cryptography, and set out on the label the three-day history of Tiago's stay as our guest.

As you know, we brewed with Tiago a session IPA with juice and lemon rind, a strength of only 4%. The beer itself turned out to be very light and super-lemony, remaining at the same time a canonical dry IPA, and yesterday it was available at Redrum."

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Alvinne Rondje Goesting

To finish in style the awesome 3 months spent at Brouwerij Alvinne in Moen, Belgium, we created Rondje Goesting, a 3.8% hoppy sour. It’s made using the famous Morpheus yeast, Alvinne’s own isolated mixed culture of saccharomyces and lactobacillus, which gives unique character to its sours. To give it the hoppy freshness from Simcoe dryhop and the bitterness of a pale ale, we split the same batch into two separate fermentations, a sour one and a hoppy one, which then got married afterwards, before packaging.

It was an inspiring time spent with the flemish people, which I will forever remember. No people in the world are as crazy at the same time about beer and cycling.

There’s no literal translation for Rondje Goesting, what I can say is that “Rondje” in flemish means little round, little tour. “Goesting” means feeling of appetite or desire for something.